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linkr prioritizes handpicked quality influencers over mere numbers, ensuring every collaboration resonates with authenticity and impact.

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From thousands of happy customers around the world

An app that makes influencer marketing much easier and is very intuitively designed! From the acquisition to the handling of the collaborations, everything runs smoothly.


As a Shopify PLUS Store in the high-end furniture industry with a 7 digit revenue, we carefully choose which apps we employ on our storefront. After a comprehensive market analysis in the field of influencer software, we decided to use linkr because of the very good reviews and a very promising demo. Our trust and hope were rewarded in every way. Bernhard, one of masterminds behind linkr has given us by far the best customer service we have ever experienced on Shopify. We can give here a crystal clear and wholehearted recommendation for this excellent product! If we could give ten stars, we would give ten!


linkr is the perfect platform for us to create professional and straightforward influencer campaigns! The platform is super intuitive and offers great features. And if something is ever unclear, you can rely 100% on fast and competent service. Thanks to the linkr team, which is always on our side and ready to respond to our wishes individually, so that we can use the tool exactly as it suits us best!

Pumpkin Organics

We have been using the app for a few months now and are completely satisfied with the possibilities and the super great, personal support. Even if something is missing: the development team is always on the lookout to implement customer wishes and develop new things. There are handy templates to get started right away. We really appreciate the innovative sharing options of the created content. We are looking forward to the next campaigns and where LINKR will take us :)


linkr solves that huge headache for us and while we're new to the platform to me it is literally the opportunity of the year (if not the next 5 years). Within a few days we had influencers literally knocking on our door ready to help.

Highborn London

We couldn't be more impressed with this app! The developers have really thought of all the aspects when working with social media influencers.


Very clear and easy to use! The customer support is extremely helpful and friendly and was able to clarify all my open questions.


The staff was very helpful and quick to respond. I had some issues creating my first campaign, but the support team helped me understand how the platform works via Zoom.
I am currently on the Growth plan (which they recommend as it has most of the options). There are quite a lot influencers for the UK market.
I am still a new user, but I see a lot of potential in this Platform if you are looking to collaborate with micro-influencers.

Cleopatra Jewellery
Pumpkin Organics
Highborn London
Cleopatra Jewellery

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