Payouts on linkr

Cash Payouts on linkr

After you have been accepted for a cooperation and have delivered + uploaded your postings as requested, you will be paid out at the end of the following month after the campaign has taken place. Attention: In case the last dates of the month are on a weekend, the compensation will be paid out the week after.

Example: If you have been part of a campaign in April (the official end posting date of the campaign needs to be in April too) you will be paid out at the end of May.

You can check your current payment status under Cooperations > Manage >Paid

The payment will be automatically transferred on your PayPal or bank account. Please make sure to insert your Paypal ID or bank account details under Account > Profile > Receiving Payments on linkr:

Commission Payouts on linkr

Commissions are only paid out from an amount of 10 EUR. As soon as you have reached this 10 EUR, this amount is automatically paid out at the end of the following month.

You can check your open and received commissions here:

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