How can I install the linkr influencer marketing platform ambassador program to my website?

First of all, please choose the linkr ambassador subscription to be able to activate this feature. Then go on the menu item "Ambassadors".

1. Type in the middle of your URL. For example, if your URL is, then put in the "Set your own URL" line: brand-test123. Press SAVE after that.

2. Upload an image that should sit on the right-hand side of your ambassador site. Press SAVE after that (once you click the "Preview login button" you will see what we mean by that). Press SAVE after that.

3. Optional: if you like you can put in your own welcome text for the registration page. Press SAVE after that.

By clicking either the login or the register button you will be able to see how your final ambassador site will look like if influencers click it on your website. Therefore please have a look and adjust it until you are happy with it. You can make changes at any time.

Installation of ambassador program on your website:

1. Place the text "ambassador program", "influencers", "ambassadors" or however you want to call it in your footer.

2. Then go on the linkr ambassador program feature and click the "Preview login" button so you get on the login site. Copy the URL at the very top and insert this link behind the text you just placed in your footer. Done! Or can aslo place that link behind an image or wherever you would like it :)

Here is an example of the brand Sorbet Island, which has integrated the linkr Ambassador programme in the footer of its website. Feel free to click on the brand's link to see how it could look on your website!

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