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The influencer marketing tool of the future

Get access to over 5.000 quality influencer profiles and have them promote your brand and products. Building a community of loyal ambassadors has never been so easy.

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Grow your social media following

Let influencers promote your social channel to grow your audience size. Statistics show an influencer cooperation is 5 times more effective at building your own subscriber or follower base!

linkr provides cooperation templates that are optimised for growing audience size on your social channels.

All you have to do is define your targets and hit go!

Dramatically increase website visits and sales

Leverage the power of Instagram Stories, YouTube unboxing videos, product reviews and more to drive consumers from interest to purchase.

linkr offers template-based campaigns that are optimised to bring potential buyers to your website.

Source amazing User-Generated Content to boost web-shop conversion

User generated content is a great way to increase engagement on your social channels and create trust to drive conversion on your website

One last thing:
Why linkr?

Combining the best of technology with expert service:


The highest quality network containing over 5.000 profiles. We curate thousands of profiles every month to provide the best international network of channels and profiles that feature top engagement, view ratio’s, click through rates and content quality.


Smart campaign briefings, AI driven matching algorithms and many other great features drastically reduce the hours you would have to put in when running your campaign manually. Campaigns can be set up and rolled out in under 10 minutes


With over 1560 successful cooperations linkr has the know-how, data and experience to help you succeed.

Over 1.500 succesful cooperations to date - start now and create your first campaigns for free!

Easily publish and manage campaigns whether they are running next week or months down the line, making sure you are ready with a great pool of influencers when the time comes!

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Learn more about influencer marketing

For decades, we’ve operated in an environment almost solely focused on reach. Learn more about how Influencer marketing can help you gain trust and build better communities!

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